Coronation Street

Episode 8277

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Review by:
David Brown

We learnt back in February that actor Peter Gunn – who plays hilarious headteacher Brian Packham – was being written out of Corrie some time in 2013. It seemed a wrong-headed decision then and even more so now that we’ve witnessed some manufactured discontent being sown into Brian and Julie’s (Katy Cavanagh) previously joyous relationship. What a shame that this fostering plotline (in which Brian has behaved with uncharacteristic cruelty) will no doubt pave the way for his eventual exit. Why couldn’t he have just carried on doing what he does best, ie evading his Bessie Street responsibilities by shovelling down endless fry-ups in Roy’s Rolls?

About this programme

David tells Kylie he's going for good, making her worried that he's contemplating suicide, but Nick is not so sure. Meanwhile, Brian tries to explain to Julie why he doesn't want to foster, and Dev struggles to keep up with Kal's fitness programme. Dennis and Gloria plan their night with Ritchie, and Marcus confronts Todd.

Cast and crew


David Platt
Jack P Shepherd
Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
Nick Tilsley
Ben Price
Brian Packham
Peter Gunn
Julie Carp
Katy Cavanagh
Dev Alahan
Jimmi Harkishin
Kal Nazir
Jimi Mistry
Dennis Tanner
Philip Lowrie
Gloria Price
Sue Johnston
Ritchie de Vries
Robin Askwith
Marcus Dent
Charlie Condou
Todd Grimshaw
Bruno Langley


Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Jan McVerry

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