24 Hours in A&E

Series 4 - 11. Series 4 Episode 4

Radio Times
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Claire Webb

“It’s almost like a battle scene,” says consultant Liz, on a day when King’s College Hospital’s casualty will treat 406 patients. Yet it’s the quieter moments that make this series such a joy to watch: the silly conversations in the waiting area, the words of comfort whispered in cubicles, the candid interviews with the patients and their families. Tonight we meet an octogenarian who suffers from Alzheimer’s and has fallen for the second time in two months, and learn how her doting husband accidentally proposed over half a century ago. 

A 75 year-old rushed in with a suspected heart attack banters with the nurse and reflects on being an older dad. Out in the waiting area, a young man pokes fun at his little brother and cradles a swollen finger that turns out to be more serious than it looks.

About this programme

More than 400 patients are treated in a busy 24 hours at King's. Peggy, who's 85, arrives by ambulance with her doting husband Clement. She's fallen at home and hurt her knee. It's the second time she's fallen in two months and medics want to find out if there's something more serious going on. Peggy suffers from Alzheimer's, and Clement reminisces about their life together, including how he proposed to her by accident. But he knows her condition is getting worse. Bob, who's 75, arrives by ambulance after a suspected heart attack. He has a history of heart disease and has had a triple bypass. The medical team are keeping him under a close watch. Bob talks about the pros and cons of being an older father to his 25-year-old son Matthew, who reflects on being a young boy with a dad people assume is your granddad. And they both contemplate the future. Meanwhile brothers Ben and James arrive at King's after a night out in the West End. Ben's finger has become very swollen and painful. The 25-year-old isn't overly concerned, but the doctor diagnoses cellulitis. It can be serious - and could lead to potentially fatal septicaemia - so Ben will need to be seen by a plastic surgeon and have an operation.

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