Silent Witness

Series 6 - 1. The Fall Out

About this programme

1/8. Feature-length episode. Sam Ryan investigates the grisly discovery of a severed arm following a traffic collision, assisted by new morgue colleague Leo Dalton. As DCI Deacon arrives at the scene, Sam notices she is expressing an unusual interest in one of the bodies, leading her to believe her colleague could be withholding an important piece of evidence. Meanwhile, new junior pathologist Harry Cunningham faces a trying time when he finds out his first autopsy will be performed on a child.

Cast and crew


Dr Samantha Ryan
Amanda Burton
DCI Deacon
Lia Williams
Peter Ross
Mick Ford
Rachel Selway
Nichola Redmond
Trevor Stewart
William Armstrong
Dr Leo Dalton
William Gaminara
Harry Cunningham
Tom Ward
Wyn Ryan
Ruth McCabe


Coky Giedroyc