Midsomer Murders

Series 6 - 1. A Talent for Life - Part One

Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Classy guest stars in this two-part 2003 story. Honor Blackman sets the tale in motion as Isobel Hewitt, a well-to-do former socialite who’s new in the area and accused by the Midsomer Fly Fisher Club of assault. Philip Franks plays Quentin Roka, the antiques dealer who’s a confidant of Isobel but still doesn’t know her secret.

Meanwhile, Leo Bantock (James Hazeldine), businessman and old flame of restaurateur’s wife Ruth Scholey (Amanda Root), returns and causes trouble by revealing her fling with randy doctor Duncan Goff (Richard Durden).

Two of the above people are bludgeoned to death with a fence post.

About this programme

1/10. Part one of two. Troy and Barnaby investigate foul play in the village of Malham Bridge, where the bodies of two people bludgeoned to death with a fence post have been found near a river. Although suspicion for the murders initially falls on poachers, the detectives look into the possibility the killing was a crime of passion. Guest starring Honor Blackman. Concludes tomorrow.

Cast and crew


DCI Tom Barnaby
John Nettles
Sgt Gavin Troy
Daniel Casey
Joyce Barnaby
Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby
Laura Howard
Quentin Roka
Philip Franks
Dr Bullard
Barry Jackson
Isobel Hewitt
Honor Blackman
Dixie Goff
Jane Downs
Duncan Goff
Richard Durden
Angela Goff
Alison Rose
Keith Scholey
John Warnaby
Ruth Scholey
Amanda Root
Melrose Plunkett
Jonathan Cullen
Rebecca Plunkett
Suzanne Burden
Derrick Seagrove
Jeff Rawle
Margaret Seagrove
Susan Wooldridge
Andrew Turner
Will Knightley
Leo Bantock
James Hazeldine
Eileen Page
Gwen Dobson
June Barrie
Peregrine Slade
Peter Cellier
Malcolm Raeburn
James Tapsell
Ian Peck
Oyster man
Robert Putt
Sidney Livingstone
Roger Swaine


Sarah Hellings
Brian True-May
David Hoskins