Midsomer Murders

Series 3 - 4. Beyond the Grave

Beyond the Grave

About this programme

4/8. The villagers of Aspern Tallow begin to believe the ghost of a former resident has come back to haunt them. Barnaby and Troy have to determine why packing cases are apparently combusting spontaneously - and whether it is more than a coincidence that the battered body of a relative of the dead man has been found in the family vault. With John Nettles, Prunella Scales and Patricia Brake.

Cast and crew


Eleanor Bunsall
Prunella Scales
DCI Tom Barnaby
John Nettles
Sgt Gavin Troy
Daniel Casey
Anne Quarritch
Patricia Brake
Sandra McKillop
Cheryl Campbell
Cully Barnaby
Laura Howard
James Tate
James Laurenson
Linda Marquis
Sylvestra Le Touzel
Charles McKillop
David Robb
Marcus Lowrie
Charles Simon
Alan Bradford
Malcolm Sinclair
Ralph Bailey
Roger Sloman
Nico Bentley
Ed Waters
Joyce Barnaby
Jane Wymark
Dr George Bullard
Barry Jackson
PC Angel
Neil Conrich
Dr Catherine Bullard
Alwyne Taylor
Chris Stanton


Moira Armstrong
Brian True-May
Betty Willingale
Douglas Watkinson

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