Series 2 - 16. The Show Where Sam Shows Up

The Show Where Sam Shows Up
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Sam Malone, Frasier Crane’s old mate from Cheers, turns up in Seattle to the whooping delight of the studio audience. Sam (a luxuriantly raven-haired Ted Danson, long before his elder-statesman turn in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) needs advice and help because he’s about to get married. But Sam is a sex addict and commitment-phobe and he is reacting very badly to the idea of wedded bliss.

There are lots of Cheers call-backs for fans of the adored sitcom (which was also, of course, Frasier’s parent) and some great deadpan acting from Kelsey Grammer when he realises he had a one-night stand with Sam’s intended bride.

About this programme

16/24. Cheers owner Sam Malone turns up in Seattle to ask for advice on whether to go through with his wedding - but Frasier recognises his old friend's fiancee as a woman he slept with three months previously. Comedy, guest starring Ted Danson and Tea Leoni.

Cast and crew


Dr Frasier Crane
Kelsey Grammer
Daphne Moon
Jane Leeves
Dr Niles Crane
David Hyde Pierce
Roz Doyle
Peri Gilpin
Martin Crane
John Mahoney
Sam Malone
Ted Danson
Tea Leoni


James Burrows
Ken Levine
David Isaacs