Series 5 - 15. Strange Brew

Strange Brew

About this programme

15/22. Despite their differences, Naomi and Mark make great progress on their plans to open a restaurant together, and Dixon asks Michaela to perform at the opening night - but has trouble finding the right moment to tell Silver about it. Elsewhere, Annie's work and living arrangements are thrown into chaos as thoughts of Liam leave her feeling confused, while Navid discovers that Campbell is cheating on his fiancee.

Cast and crew


Annie Wilson
Shenae Grimes
Dixon Wilson
Tristan Wilds
Naomi Clark
AnnaLynne McCord
Erin Silver
Jessica Stroup
Navid Shirazi
Michael Steger
Adrianna Tate-Duncan
Jessica Lowndes
Liam Court
Matt Lanter
Campbell Price
Grant Gustin
Lyndon Smith
Mark Holland
Charlie Weber
Amanda Barnard
Ashley Jones
Hina Abdullah
Kathryn Winslow
Young Guy
Keye Chen
Pretty young woman
Michelle Hayden

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