Series 8 - Episode 14

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

Now that the rioting youth of Manchester have slunk off to either Her Majesty’s Pleasure or their loot-filled pads, we get the chance to enjoy the despicable exploits of the city’s ne’er-do-wells through the prism of television, as the pill-popping, violent benefit fraudsters of the Chatsworth estate return in glorious, grand guignol style.

It feels like a missed trick that Frank’s rambling opening monologue doesn’t offer his unique perspective on the riots – especially as half of it takes place next to a burning car – but I’m sure he’d reach the same conclusion he does every week: party!

However, David Threlfall has a more difficult task than simply offering a solution to Britain’s “broken society” – he has to imbue the repellent Frank with the inklings of a heart as he acts forlorn over the departure of his wife Libby. The final scene where Frank talks of love is almost touching.

About this programme

14/22. The drama returns for the second part of series eight. It is a dark day on the Chatsworth estate when Paddy is delivered in a coffin, and as the residents grieve, Let dares Aide to take a photo of the body - but they are in for a shock. Meanwhile, Karen sets up a children's entertainment business and Patty tackles Mimi about disabled access in the Jockey.

Cast and crew


Frank Gallagher
David Threlfall
Karen Maguire
Rebecca Atkinson
Mimi Maguire
Tina Malone
Jamie Maguire
Aaron McCusker
Micky Maguire
Ciaran Griffiths
Aidan Croker
Robbie Conway
Kelly Maguire
Sally Carman
Carl Gallagher
Elliott Tittensor
Chesney Karib
Qasim Akhtar
Shane Maguire
Nicky Evans
Letitia Powell
Kira Martin
Jackson Powell
Emmanuel Ighodaro
Avril Powell
Karen Bryson
Lillian Tyler
Alice Barry
Patty Croker
Valerie Lilley


Michael Keillor
Lawrence Till
Jimmy Dowdall