Series 3 - Episode 4


About this programme

4/8. Carol is enraged to learn Lillian had an affair with her husband in the 1970s, so decides to exact revenge by reporting her to the DSS for benefit fraud. This sparks panic all over the estate - especially for Frank, who has been posing as the late Brendan for financial gain. Carl agonises over being in love with Lip's girlfriend Emily, but as he tries to win her affections he succeeds only in creating more problems for himself.

Cast and crew


Frank Gallagher
David Threlfall
Lip Gallagher
Jody Latham
Carol Fisher
Marjorie Yates
Lillian Tyler
Alice Barry
Carl Gallagher
Elliott Tittensor
Emily Lawson
Emily Fleeshman
Ian Gallagher
Gerard Kearns
Debbie Gallagher
Rebecca Ryan
Kev Ball
Dean Lennox Kelly
Veronica Fisher
Maxine Peake
Karen Jackson
Rebecca Atkinson


Catherine Morshead
Executive Producer
Paul Abbott
Executive Producer
George Faber
Executive Producer
Charlie Pattinson
Executive Producer
Matt Jones
Amanda Coe