Hollyoaks Later

Series 6 - Episode 4

Hollyoaks Later

About this programme

4/5. Tony collapses when Harry is kidnapped and held hostage, leaving Finn and Dom to face up to `The White Man'. Meanwhile, at the country house, Jade begins a murderous spree. On the road, Louis, Taylor and Theresa find themselves dealing with the fallout from an unexpected kiss.

Cast and crew


Wes Anderson
Jordan Dawes
Kurt Benson
Jeremy Edwards
Esther Bloom
Jazmine Franks
Holly Cunningham
Wallis Day
Tilly Evans
Lucy Dixon
Rory `Finn' Finnigan
James Redmond
Jade Hedy
Lucy Gape
Tony Hutchinson
Nick Pickard
Callum Kane
Laurie Duncan
Louis McQueen
Bryan Parry
Theresa McQueen
Jorgie Porter
Dominic O'Reilly
John Pickard
Capt Harvey Smith
Dominic Tighe
Harry Thompson
Parry Glasspool
Cpl Taylor Wells
Abigail Hardingham
The White Man
Danny Dyer
Mandy Hutchinson
Sarah Jayne Dunn


Andrew Gunn
James Coleman