Pole to Pole

Series 1 - 1. Cold Start

Cold Start
Radio Times
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Alison Graham

Doughty Michael Palin completes his latest journey around Brazil on BBC1 on Wednesday. But here’s one of his earliest trips, from 1992, three years after Around the World in 80 Days marked Palin’s transition from beloved Python to beloved TV traveller.

Blighty has lined up the perfect lazy Saturday by repeating all eight episodes of Pole to Pole. It’s a thrilling journey — Palin starts at the North Pole before heading through Russia and Ukraine to the ghost town of Chernobyl, then he visits Turkey, Sudan and Zambia. You will be cheering him on at the end, even when disaster strikes. Maybe he won’t reach the South Pole after all…

About this programme

1/8. Michael Palin's epic expedition from the North to the South Pole. In the first leg of his journey, he leaves the Arctic and travel by a variety of vehicles through Russia, Norway and Finland. He interviews Father Christmas, takes a sauna with a Finnish MP and nearly starts a new life in a Norwegian lighthouse along the way.

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