The White Queen

Series 1 - Episode 10

The White Queen
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Richard III continues to gaze just a bit too fondly, and in a very un-avuncular way, at his winsome young niece Elizabeth as she dances at court. Of course, Richard’s wife Anne gets a bit frosty – who can blame her – but the couple are soon united in fear for the future of their sickly young son when he develops Costume Drama Cough.

As this stately adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s Wars of the Roses novels ends the houses of York and Lancaster meet for a final and decisive time on Bosworth field. The battle scenes look genuinely frightening and you might even feel a tiny bit sorry for Richard as he and his crown tumble to earth. Someone get that man a horse!

About this programme

10/10. Elizabeth and her girls are freed from sanctuary and her first-born daughter, Princess Elizabeth, goes to court, blossoms, and falls for Richard III. The death of Anne provides hope that the lovers will marry and the Woodville dynasty will continue as queens of England, but battle looms with Henry Tudor waiting to invade and claim the throne from a man seen by many as a usurper. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


King Richard III
Aneurin Barnard
Thomas Grey
Ashley Charles
Sir Robert Brackenbury
Shaun Dooley
Queen Elizabeth
Rebecca Ferguson
Lord Strange
Andrew Gower
Lord Thomas Stanley
Rupert Graves
Lady Margaret Beaufort
Amanda Hale
Henry Tudor
Michael Marcus
Anne Neville
Faye Marsay
Princess Elizabeth
Freya Mavor
Jasper Tudor
Tom McKay
Princess Margaret of York
Madeleine Harris
Prince Teddy
Kenji Tielemans
Edward, Prince of Wales
Nicholas Croucher
Princess Cecily
Elinor Crawley
Prince Edward
Sonny Serkis
Geoffrey the Changeling
Arthur Droeshaut
Prince Richard
Ted Allpress


Colin Teague
Gina Cronk
Emma Frost