Series 1 - 8. Jenny and Christian

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

If you haven’t seen any of these loosely strung romantic dramas, jump right in. Tonight’s instalment works as a delicious one-off in its own right. Something about the half-hour format forces writers to get cracking. But also, the acting and directing are cool and believable – particularly when there’s Charles Sturridge behind the camera (of Brideshead and The Scapegoat fame) and in front of it the combined talents of Sheridan Smith and Andrew Scott.

They play a tentative couple on a blind date, meeting at a gallery to look at contemporary sculpture. It makes them giggle. They get on. She entertains him with her tales of previous dates-gone-wrong. But there’s a catch in her voice as she talks about her ex’s wedding. Smith gets across the character’s pain in tiny touches – as well as in lines such as “Some of the world’s worst people have managed to get married... What is so wrong with me?” So will her latest date be different? The less you know about how it unfolds from there, the better.

About this programme

8/9. Lonely school teacher Jenny decides to give online dating one last shot, and it seems her prayers have been answered when she meets the attractive and charming Christian. However, what she doesn't know is that he's holding something back until just the right moment. Drama, starring Sheridan Smith and Andrew Scott.

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Sheridan Smith
Andrew Scott
Amanda Hale


Charles Sturridge
Executive Producer
Bryan Elsley
Executive Producer
Harry Enfield
Executive Producer
Chris Clough
Bradley Adams
Nancy Harris