Doctor Who

Series 6 - 7. A Good Man Goes to War

Radio Times
Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

A welcome rerun of two delirious Matt Smith episodes, penned by Steven Moffat and being shown back to back – which is a relief because in 2011 there was a summer-long gap between them, staggering the disclosure of River Song’s long-guarded secrets.

A Good Man Goes to War sees Rory turn hero to rescue Amy and their baby, mustering a Magnificent Seven-style posse that includes a lesbian Silurian and her Victorian maid. Let’s Kill Hitler is absurd fun, as our heroes tumble into Berlin and bung the Führer in a cupboard. River (Alex Kingston) is hilarious, stalling Nazi soldiers with: “Well, I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled…”

About this programme

7/13. Amy is kidnapped and in her cell in Stormcage, River Song reluctantly acknowledges the approach of the Battle of Demons Run, the conflict that will see the Doctor face his darkest hour. Meanwhile, the Time Lord races across galaxies to gather his allies for a rescue mission, unaware that he is straying into a carefully concealed trap. Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston.

Cast and crew


The Doctor
Matt Smith
Amy Pond
Karen Gillan
Rory Williams
Arthur Darvill
River Song
Alex Kingston
Madam Kovarian
Frances Barber
Madame Vastra
Neve McIntosh
Commander Strax
Dan Starkey
Jenny Flint
Catrin Stewart
Lorna Bucket
Christina Chong
Joshua Hayes
Damian Kell
Fat One
Charlie Baker
Thin One
Dan Johnston
Colonel Manton
Danny Sapani
Captain Harcourt
Richard Trinder
Annabel Cleare
Henry Wood
Dorium Maldovar
Simon Fisher-Becker
Voice of the Cybermen
Nicolas Briggs


Peter Hoar
Marcus Wilson
Steven Moffat