The Middle

Series 2 - 24. Back to Summer!

Back to Summer!

About this programme

24/24. Frankie congratulates herself on surviving the school year relatively unscathed with three days until the summer holidays - but her celebration turns out to be premature. Brick faces another year in third grade if he does not complete a daily journal project, Axl's failure to complete 30 days of community service emerges, and Sue has to prove she has never taken a sick day to receive an award for perfect attendance. Guest starring Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond).

Cast and crew


Frankie Heck
Patricia Heaton
Mike Heck
Neil Flynn
Axl Heck
Charlie McDermott
Sue Heck
Eden Sher
Brick Heck
Atticus Shaffer
Ms Rinsky
Doris Roberts