Dalziel & Pascoe

Series 7 - 3. Sins of the Fathers

Sins of the Fathers

About this programme

3/10. Feature-length episode. A priest is murdered in a tiny village, the site of a hugely publicised miracle cure a few weeks earlier, and the crime-solving duo arrive to find a community deeply divided and steeped in superstition. Searching for a likely suspect, they instead discover the body of a girl killed 40 years previously. James Bolam, Lindsey Coulson and Roger Lloyd-Pack guest star, with Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan.

Cast and crew


Fr Tibbings
James Bolam
Sue Blackstone
Lindsey Coulson
Bishop Halliwell
Roger Lloyd Pack
Det Supt Andy Dalziel
Warren Clarke
DI Peter Pascoe
Colin Buchanan
DS Edgar Wield
David Royle
DC Carrie Harris
Keeley Forsythe
Harriet Clifford
Anne Reid
Jamie Blackstone
Rob Dixon
Terry Brakespeare
Bryan Marshall
Dr Stephen Weston
Michael Hodgson
PC John Shepherd
John Flitcroft
Dr George Appleton
Tom Charnock
Dr Paul Ashurst
James Puddephatt
Bea Blackstone
Grace Mitchell
Bryony Blackstone
Nicola Headley
Emily Weston
April Cunningham
Sam Cunningham
Forensic Officer
James Lauren
Cardiac Nurse
Christopher John Hall
Trish Cooke
Elliot Spencer-Keyse


Lawrence Gordon Clark
Ann Tricklebank
Elizabeth-Anne Wheal

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