True Blood

Series 3 - 11. Fresh Blood

Fresh Blood
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Review by:
Jack Seale

Time to sit back and contemplate Denis O’Hare’s performance this series as Russell Edgington. Portraying a psychopathic megalomaniac in his flaming final days is a job for a big actor with mettle to spare – if the madman’s a 2,800-year-old vampire declaring war on humanity, it could very easily become tiresome and silly. But while O’Hare has definitely given it the full Caligula – his on-air evisceration of a newscaster must go down as True Blood’s greatest ever scene – Russell’s insanity feels real, and thus tragic and frightening.

Tonight, Eric approaches the monster, trying to buy himself another day with a cock-a-maimie story, knowing Russell could rip him up at any instant. The tension there is exquisite and later on, the cliffhanger is painful.

About this programme

11/12. Eric devises a plan to capture Russell by offering him the vampire's ultimate fantasy - the ability to survive exposure to daylight. However, his plot involves asking Bill to place Sookie in further danger. Meanwhile, Jason struggles to understand the latest revelation about Crystal, and Arlene asks the wiccan Holly to help come up with a way to end her pregnancy.

Cast and crew


Eric Northman
Alexander Skarsgard
Russell Edgington
Denis O'Hare
Bill Compton
Stephen Moyer
Sookie Stackhouse
Anna Paquin
Jason Stackhouse
Ryan Kwanten
Crystal Norris
Lindsay Pulsipher
Arlene Fowler
Carrie Preston
Holly Cleary
Lauren Bowles