Gilmore Girls

Series 5 - 12. Come Home

Come Home

About this programme

12/22. Rory offers to help Logan write an article for the Daily Yale, but is disappointed when he does not take her to his father's book-signing party. After learning Emily has resumed dating, Richard's jealousy forces him to seek a reconciliation and both agree to renew their wedding vows.

Cast and crew


Lorelai Gilmore
Lauren Graham
Rory Gilmore
Alexis Bledel
Sookie St James
Melissa McCarthy
Luke Danes
Scott Patterson
Lane Kim
Keiko Agena
Michel Gerard
Yanic Truesdale
Paris Geller
Liza Weil
Kirk Gleason
Sean Gunn
Emily Gilmore
Kelly Bishop
Richard Gilmore
Edward Herrmann


Kenny Ortega