My Name Is Earl

Series 1 - 9. Cost Dad the Election

Cost Dad the Election

About this programme

9/24. Continuing on his quest to lead a better life, Earl visits his father in a bid to make up for causing him to lose the mayoral election. Recalling how a film of him assaulting a police officer ruined his dad's campaign, he vows to rectify his mistake. Comedy, guest starring Beau Bridges.

Cast and crew


Earl Hickey
Jason Lee
Nadine Velazquez
Darnell Turner
Eddie Steeples
Joy Turner
Jaime Pressly
Kay Hickey
Nancy Lenehan
Officer Bob Smiley
George Frangides
Carl Hickey
Beau Bridges
Rhonda Gibbs
Niecy Nash
Willie the one-eyed mailman
Bill Suplee
Marty Park
Kipp Shiotani
Didi's boyfriend
Cameron Clapp
One legged girl
Tracy Ashton
Rick James
Frank Collison
Todd Holland
Mrs James
Laura Gardner
Young Earl
Noah Crawford
Young Randy
Phoenix Smith
4 Year Old Earl
Anthony De Marco


Chris Koch
Bobby Bowman