Rescue Special Ops

Series 1 - 4. Deathbed Confessional

Deathbed Confessional

About this programme

4/13. A rock-thrower causes a horrific three-vehicle accident, and Dean struggles to rescue a local bookie from the wreckage. Chase agrees to fulfil a badly injured woman's dying wish, and is soon dragged into her daughter's anguished teenage world. Meanwhile, the team is suspicious of an eager potential recruit Lara agrees to show around the station.

Cast and crew


Vince Marchello
Peter Phelps
Michelle Letourneau
Libby Tanner
Dean Gallagher
Les Hill
Chase Gallagher
Andrew Lees
Lara Knight
Gigi Edgley
Jordan Zwitkowski
Daniel Amalm
Heidi Wilson
Katherine Hicks


Ian Barry