Series 1 - 4. Little Lazarus

Little Lazarus
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Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

The dowdy DCI is returning from a shopping trip (pizza, oven chips, ice cream – nothing fancy) when she stumbles on a crime scene by the side of a country road. We know what has happened there because of the chilling opening sequence: a child running for his life at night, by a river, having just heard his mother clubbed to death. Who did the clubbing and why takes a long time to figure out, even for the perspicacious Vera. Peacocks are involved, and a “shiny man” – or is that just the child’s vivid imagination? It turns into a dark, troubling tale of lost childhood, warped love and hiding – a lot of hiding.

About this programme

4/4. A woman is murdered in a hedgerow but her son survives the attack, only to fall beneath the ice of a frozen pond as he makes his escape. DCI Vera Stanhope wades in and drags him out, and against all the odds he pulls through. As the investigation into the mother's killing unfolds, Vera finds a kindred spirit in the boy and comes to realise the key to solving the case lies deep in his memory. Detective drama, starring Brenda Blethyn, with Kerry Fox and Kieran O'Brien.

Cast and crew


DCI Vera Stanhope
Brenda Blethyn
DS Joe Ashworth
David Leon
DC Holly
Wunmi Mosaku
Billy Cartwright
Paul Ritter
Aidan Carmichael
Tim Dutton
Judi Earl
Patricia Carmichael
Kerry Fox
Adam Wilde
Sam Jarvis
PC Edwards
Riley Jones
Renagh Salter
Emma Lowndes
DC Kenny Lockhart
Jon Morrison
Margaret Wilde
Laura Norton
Bobby Salter
Kieran O'Brien
Danny Hale
Joe Renton
Amrit Singh
Renu Setna
Sorcha Carmichael
Alice Sykes
Philip Harrison


Paul Whittington
Nick McPhee
Executive Producer
Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer
Kate Lewis
Elaine Collins
Paul Rutman