Criminal Minds

Series 6 - 20. Hanley Waters

Hanley Waters
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Review by:
Geoff Ellis

“If only I’d done something.” The universal expression of misplaced regret runs like a mournful river through this affecting but downbeat episode. Not surprisingly, the team are all grieving after Hotchner staged the death of co-worker Emily Prentiss two weeks ago. Now the rest of the team have to undergo individual counselling sessions conducted by Hotch himself.

The emotion is built up with such deftness that the story achieves real power. Naturally, the team have to work their way through their grief – on the trail of a woman on a killing spree. Curiously, her state of mind resonates with Hotch. It’s brilliantly done, as usual in this outstanding series.

About this programme

20/24. The agents go on the trail of a female serial killer and find themselves searching for a suspect driven by her own grief. The team members also attend individual therapy sessions to help deal with the loss of their friend and colleague. Crime drama, starring Joe Mantegna.

Cast and crew


David Rossi
Joe Mantegna
Aaron Hotchner
Thomas Gibson
Emily Prentiss
Paget Brewster
Derek Morgan
Shemar Moore
Dr Spencer Reid
Matthew Gray Gubler
Penelope Garcia
Kirsten Vangsness