Criminal Minds

Series 1 - 2. Compulsion

About this programme

2/22. The team tries to uncover the identity of an arsonist responsible for multiple attacks on a college campus that resulted in the deaths of a student and a professor. Meanwhile, Gideon's life is put in danger when he comes face to face with a killer he has been tracking for years, and he must use his profiling experience to judge what the culprit's next steps will be.

Cast and crew


Special Agent Jason Gideon
Mandy Patinkin
Special Agent Aaron Hotchner
Thomas Gibson
Special Agent Derek Morgan
Shemar Moore
Special Agent Dr Spencer Reid
Matthew Gray Gubler
Special Agent Elle Greenway
Lola Glaudini
Special Agent Jennifer `JJ' Jareau
AJ Cook
Kirsten Vangsness
Agent Trainee
Nathanial Moon


Charles Haid
Executive Producer
Mark Gordon
Jeff Davis

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