Series 5 - 13. Rush to Judgement

Rush to Judgement

About this programme

13/25. The body parts of a murdered high-school wrestling coach are found scattered around the city, and Hawkes discovers he may have been responsible for e-mailing sexually explicit pictures of underage boys. Later evidence suggests two of his athletes could have hacked into his account and sent the images, but they deny killing him. Meanwhile, Flack is accused of using excessive force to subdue a suspect who died in his custody.

Cast and crew


Dr Sheldon Hawkes
Hill Harper
Det Mac Taylor
Gary Sinise
Det Don Flack
Eddie Cahill
Det Danny Messer
Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Stella Bonasera
Melina Kanakaredes
Dr Sid Hammerback
Robert Joy
Det Lindsay Monroe
Anna Belknap
Adam Ross
AJ Buckley
Det Jessica Angell
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Amalia Nelson
Mayte Garcia
Asst coach Donahue
DJ Elliott
Johnny Holt
Kevin Kazakoff
Lt Bruce Jackson
Scott Sheldon
Cadillac Kligman
JC Leuyer
Mitchell Sheridan
George Newbern


Rob Bailey
Wendy Battles