True Blood

Series 3 - 12. Evil Is Going On

Evil Is Going On
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Review by:
Jack Seale

Bill and Sookie run hot and cold with each other, and with us: one minute theirs is a love stronger than death, the next it's just a hick shouting at a pale bloke. We stray into the latter tonight, but Sookie shows a new side with a flash of cackling evil that augurs well for next year. It involves a rubbish disposal unit that will now almost certainly need replacing.

At Fangtasia there's full-on comedy horror in an amusing Latex mask; in Bon Temps it's a restrained but powerful finale, not so much about what happens as what the characters decide to do about what's happened. Bullets fl y, but potentially the saddest resolution is someone simply getting in a car and leaving town.

About this programme

12/12. Eric grapples with his conscience as he puts his plan to kill Russell into effect, and Tara learns surprising news about Sam, whose rage resurfaces after he discovers Tommy's latest antics. Meanwhile, Lafayette turns to Jesus for help after another bad V trip, and Sookie grows tired of living alongside the supernatural world - prompting her to imagine a life without Bill and his fellow vampires.

Cast and crew


Eric Northman
Alexander Skarsgard
Russell Edgington
Denis O'Hare
Tara Thornton
Rutina Wesley
Sam Merlotte
Sam Trammell
Tommy Mickens
Marshall Allman
Lafayette Reynolds
Nelsan Ellis
Jesus Velasquez
Kevin Alejandro
Sookie Stackhouse
Anna Paquin
Bill Compton
Stephen Moyer