Series 19 - 45. Aftermath

About this programme

45/48. Luke remains tight-lipped over Bex's whereabouts. He visits Claire for the first time since abandoning her at the funeral and tries to convince her Pete's death was an accident. A bewildered Harry is furious to learn Guppy has applied for a transfer to another hospital, and Maggie reaches the end of her tether when her son brings Stan into work.

Cast and crew


Luke Warren
Matthew Wait
John `Abs' Denham
James Redmond
Harry Harper
Simon MacCorkindale
Maggie Coldwell
Susan Cookson
Claire Guildford
Leanne Wilson
Gurpreet `Guppy' Sandhu
Elyes Gabel
Martin Woodbridge
Ralph Ineson
Kelsey Phillips
Janine Mellor
Nina Farr
Rebekah Gibbs
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
Comfort Newton
Martina Laird
Woody Joyner
Will Thorp
Sam Bateman
Luke Bailey
Stan Powell
Jack Smethurst
Ellen Zitek
Georgina Bouzova
Jamie Coldwell
Thomas Hudson
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Liam Woodbridge
Tommy Knight
Carol Jennings
Marion O'Dwyer
Rudy Goldspink
Martin Benson
Stephanie Mellor
Ellan Thomas
Kevin Mellor
Ansu Kabia


Rhys Powys
Sophie Fante
Jason Sutton