Series 19 - 44. Brief Encounters

About this programme

44/48. Luke warns Bex of the police's suspicions as security guard Colin comes under pressure, and the terrified receptionist is eager to listen to his plan. Claire is distraught when her boyfriend leaves during Pete's funeral, and phones Will to update him on the pair's intentions. Guppy plays detective to discover whether his father's claims that Harry is involved in the drugs trial are true.

Cast and crew


Luke Warren
Matthew Wait
Bex Reynolds
Sarah Manners
Colin Evans
Peter Silverleaf
Claire Guildford
Leanne Wilson
DI Will Manning
Gary Mavers
Gurpreet `Guppy' Sandhu
Elyes Gabel
Harry Harper
Simon MacCorkindale
Jaswant Sandhu
Madhav Sharma
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
Maggie Coldwell
Susan Cookson
Sam Bateman
Luke Bailey
Ellen Zitek
Georgina Bouzova
John `Abs' Denham
James Redmond
Comfort Newton
Martina Laird
Nina Farr
Rebekah Gibbs
Woody Joyner
Will Thorp
Valentina Minola
Loraine Velez
Tony Minola
David Maybrick
Simon Hearne
Michael Lumsden
Zara Hearne
Nathalie Pownall
Jessica Grindle
Katy Owen
Lisa McIttrick
Kerry Gibson
Sheila Byrne
Veronica Roberts
Jake Byrne
Oliver Gilmartin
Joanne Coldwell
Jane Riley
Pete Guildford
Adam James


Jill Robertson
Sue Howells
Catrin Clarke