CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Series 4 - 1. Assume Nothing

Assume Nothing

About this programme

1/23. Part one of two. The team suspects two serial killers are on the loose, but Nick jeopardises the investigation by giving confidential information to an old friend - which later turns up on the local news. Meanwhile, Catherine is disturbed by a revelation about her father's murder trial. Crime drama, starring William Peterson.

Cast and crew


Gil Grissom
William Petersen
Catherine Willows
Marg Helgenberger
Warrick Brown
Gary Dourdan
Nick Stokes
George Eads
Sara Sidle
Jorja Fox
Greg Sanders
Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins
Robert David Hall
Capt Jim Brass
Paul Guilfoyle
Sam Braun
Scott Wilson
Judge Slater
John Doman
Cameron Klinefeld
Rudolf Martin
Kent Rifkin
Brian Bloom
Natasha Rifkin
Nichole Hiltz
Archie Johnson
Archie Kao
Stuart Gardner
Scott Alan Smith
David Phillips
David Berman
Attorney Brad Lewis
Terry Bozeman


Richard J Lewis
Anthony E Zuiker
Danny Cannon