Series 12 - 20. There Are No Angels Here

There Are No Angels Here

About this programme

20/22. Pratt gets to work in Darfur and soon realises the nightmarish extent of the problem, while Debbie tries to persuade Dakarai to seek treatment for his illness. Carter and the team find themselves in the middle of the conflict when a man and his pregnant wife arrive at camp in desperate need of assistance. Medical drama, guest starring Mary McCormack, with Mekhi Phifer and Noah Wyle.

Cast and crew


Dr Gregory Pratt
Mekhi Phifer
Dr Stephen Dakarai
Eamonn Walker
Dr John Carter
Noah Wyle
Mary McCormack
Dr Luka Kovac
Goran Visnjic
Dr Neela Rasgotra
Parminder Nagra
Dr Ray Barnett
Shane West
Dr Archie Morris
Scott Grimes
Abby Lockhart
Maura Tierney
Nurse Samantha Taggart
Linda Cardellini
Dr Kerry Weaver
Laura Innes


Christopher Chulack