Series 12 - 6. Dream House

Dream House

About this programme

6/22. Abby, Neela and Clemente treat a baby chimpanzee, while Pratt's attempt to make amends with his father ends in failure. Sam's promotion proves bittersweet as Eve forces her to get involved in Haleh's dismissal, and Ray learns Zoe's secret. Medical drama, starring Maura Tierney, Parminder Nagra, Mekhi Phifer and Linda Cardellini.

Cast and crew


Abby Lockhart
Maura Tierney
Dr Neela Rasgotra
Parminder Nagra
Dr Victor Clemente
John Leguizamo
Dr Gregory Pratt
Mekhi Phifer
Nurse Samantha Taggart
Linda Cardellini
Dr Eve Peyton
Kristen Johnston
Nurse Haleh Adams
Yvette Freeman
Dr Ray Barnett
Shane West
Kat Dennings