Series 10 - 3. Dear Abby

Dear Abby

About this programme

3/22. Abby experiences a disastrous day when her fellow nurses protest against the working conditions - and a letter from Carter fails to improve things. Romano's foul mood is not improved by his new prosthetic arm, leading him to fire three nurses. A trio of new second-year residents arrive and Pratt anxiously waits to meet Chen's old-fashioned parents. Medical drama, starring Maura Tierney, Paul McCrane and Mekhi Phifer.

Cast and crew


Dr John Carter
Noah Wyle
Abby Lockhart
Maura Tierney
Stephanie Lineburg
Dr Robert Romano
Paul McCrane
Dr Gregory Pratt
Mekhi Phifer
Dr Jing-Mei Chen
Dr Nick `Coop' Cooper
Glenn Howerton
Dr Eddie Dorset
Bruno Campos