Series 10 - 19. Just a Touch

Just a Touch

About this programme

19/22. Pratt struggles to diagnose the cause of a woman's seizures, but gets distracted by accusations of sexual harassment levelled against him. Sam's ex gives Kovac cause for concern, and Abby battles to get the attention of her patients, while Weaver vows to do whatever it takes to get her baby son back. Medical drama, starring Mekhi Phifer, Linda Cardellini and Goran Visnjic.

Cast and crew


Dr Gregory Pratt
Mekhi Phifer
Nurse Samantha Taggart
Linda Cardellini
Dr Luka Kovac
Goran Visnjic
Abby Lockhart
Maura Tierney
Dr Kerry Weaver
Laura Innes
Dr Jing-Mei Chen
Dr John Carter
Noah Wyle
Dr Elizabeth Corday
Alex Kingston
Steve Curtis
Cole Hauser