Doctor Who

Series 8 - 4. Listen

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

After a Robin Hood romp reawakened the inherent fun of Doctor Who’s premise, Listen revives its duty to scare. The contrast couldn’t be more marked. Ghostmaster General Steven Moffat has already terrified fans with gasmask children, statues that pounce unseen and shadows that kill; the showrunner now exploits a primal fear that many of us share. So parents of small children might want to take note.

With Clara on a date night with soldier-turned-teacher Danny, the Doctor roams space and time with only his rambling thoughts for company... and they’re not good ones. So what does frighten the Time Lord?

It’s an enticing entry point for an unnerving psychological tale, part creepy, part confusing. Peter Capaldi’s dark and darting Doctor is not the reassuring presence his predecessor was, but by the surprising conclusion we perhaps understand him a little better. Clara’s comic rapport with the “grey-haired stick insect”, meanwhile, is an ever-expanding series highlight.

About this programme

4/12. So far, the latest incarnation of the gallivanting Gallifreyan has dealt with steampunk-style androids in Victorian London, delved into the inner workings of a Dalek and forged an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood. This week, during a trip with Clara to the end of the universe, he will come face to face with something or someone that chills him to the bone. But what could frighten a man who has spent most of his very long life battling the galaxy's most terrifying aliens? Could it be ghosts from the Time Lord's past and future that send shivers down his spine? And what exactly happens when the Doctor is alone and afraid? Sci-fi drama, starring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Samuel Anderson.

Cast and crew


The Doctor
Peter Capaldi
Jenna Coleman
Danny Pink
Samuel Anderson
Rupert Pink
Remi Gooding
Robert Goodman
Kiran Shah


Douglas Mackinnon
Executive Producer
Steven Moffat
Executive Producer
Brian Minchin
Peter Bennett
Steven Moffat