Coronation Street

Episode 8462

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Two months on from her death and still nobody has worked out that Rob really killed Tina McIntyre. We’ve gone from thinking, “Ooh, I wonder how long Rob can get away with it?” and have now started screaming, “My God, will someone please just cart Rob off to the cop shop, throw him in the slammer and get him stitching mailbags?”

Thankfully, Carla is starting to see the tiniest chink of light after a deathbed tête-à-tête with Peter. Suddenly, she’s realised that Tina’s murderer might still be at large. Hooray! Although on current form, we’ll have Norris Cole, Emily Bishop and Eccles the dog coming under suspicion before she finally gets to Rob.

About this programme

Carla visits Peter in hospital and is stunned when he assures her that he knows she killed Tina, but will take her secret to the grave and accept the blame himself. Kylie and David are summoned to Max's school after he goes totally out of control, while Fiz tells Tyrone they should push Tony for more money. Ken accuses Tracy of being insensitive and says she should cancel the wedding, while Steve decides to visit Jim in prison and hear his father out.

Cast and crew


Carla Barlow
Alison King
Peter Barlow
Chris Gascoyne
Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
David Platt
Jack P Shepherd
Max Turner
Harry McDermott
Fiz Stape
Jennie McAlpine
Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall
Tony Stewart
Terence Maynard
Ken Barlow
William Roache
Tracy Barlow
Kate Ford
Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
Jim McDonald
Charlie Lawson


Jo Johnson
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Jonathan Harvey