The Mentalist

Series 2 - 18. Aingavite Baa

Aingavite Baa

About this programme

18/23. A woman with amnesia is found stumbling out of a Native American reservation with severe head injuries, leading the agents to discover three dead bodies. They conclude she was the intended fourth victim but managed to escape, so Jane uses post-hypnotic suggestion on her to try to flush out the killer. Elsewhere, Hightower gives Rigsby and Van Pelt an ultimatum. Crime drama, starring Simon Baker.

Cast and crew


Patrick Jane
Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon
Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby
Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt
Amanda Righetti
Kimball Cho
Tim Kang
Madeleine Hightower
Aunjanue Ellis
Markham Willis
Gil Birmingham
Jane Doe
Tracy Middendorf
Joseph Silverwing
Wes Studi


Stephen Gyllenhaal
Executive Producer
Bruno Heller
Tom Szentgyorgyi
Erika Green

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