Episode 6948

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Heartbroken that Donna didn't confide in him about her illness, Ross is racked with guilt over how she died and decides to tell Marlon the truth - but will he go through with it? Aaron turns up at the Dingles' hoping to stay the night, although when the police arrive wanting to talk to Cain in connection with a stolen car, it's clear there is more to his reappearance than meets the eye. A suspicious Megan asks Jimmy to spy on Charity.

Cast and crew


Aaron Livesy
Danny Miller
Adam Barton
Adam Thomas
Ali Spencer
Kelli Hollis
Amelia Spencer
Daisy Campbell
Bob Hope
Tony Audenshaw
Brenda Walker
Lesley Dunlop
Cain Dingle
Jeff Hordley
Charity Macey
Emma Atkins
Chas Dingle
Lucy Pargeter
Dan Spencer
Liam Fox
Debbie Dingle
Charley Webb
Declan Macey
Jason Merrells
Edna Birch
Shirley Stelfox
Eric Pollard
Christopher Chittell
Finn Barton
Joe Gill
James Barton
Bill Ward
Jimmy King
Nick Miles
Kirin Kotecha
Adam Fielding
Laurel Thomas
Charlotte Bellamy
Leyla Harding
Roxy Shahidi
Marlon Dingle
Mark Charnock
Megan Macey
Gaynor Faye
Moira Dingle
Natalie J Robb
Nicola King
Nicola Wheeler
Paddy Kirk
Dominic Brunt
PC Stone
Paul David-Gough
PC Swirling
Andy Moore
Pete Barton
Anthony Quinlan
Priya Sharma
Fiona Wade
Rakesh Kotecha
Pasha Bocarie
Rodney Blackstock
Patrick Mower
Ross Barton
Michael Parr
Ruby Haswell
Alicya Eyo
Sean Spencer
Luke Roskell
Vanessa Woodfield
Michelle Hardwick
Zak Dingle
Steve Halliwell
April Windsor
Amelia Flanagan


Duncan Foster
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Andrew Kirk