Coronation Street

Episode 8458

About this programme

A nervous Liz visits Jim in prison, where he reveals how much he misses his family and tries to convince her that deep down she still loves him. Jason frets as he blames Tony and Todd for the fact that Tyrone is in hospital and they can't claim on the insurance, while Tracy runs through her diva-like wedding demands with Michelle. Katy and Luke keep quiet about their kiss, and Julie and Mary compete to impress Dev at the gym.

Cast and crew


Liz McDonald
Beverley Callard
Jim McDonald
Charlie Lawson
Jason Grimshaw
Ryan Thomas
Todd Grimshaw
Bruno Langley
Tony Stewart
Terence Maynard
Tracy Barlow
Kate Ford
Michelle Connor
Kym Marsh
Katy Armstrong
Georgia May Foote
Luke Britton
Dean Fagan
Julie Carp
Katy Cavanagh
Mary Taylor
Patti Clare
Dev Alahan
Jimmi Harkishin


Neil Johnston
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Joe Turner