Judge John Deed

Series 1 - 3. Duty of Care

About this programme

3/5. Jo Mills takes on the case of a worker killed on a building site, convinced that the managing director of the company should be held accountable for his neglect of health and safety legislation. However, the Lord Chancellor's department once again try to divert the course of justice to avoid embarrassment - and Deed's ex-wife is appointed counsel for the defence. Legal drama, starring Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Charlie Deed
Louisa Clein
Sir Michael Niven
TR Bowen
Stephen Ashurst
David Norman
Rita `Coop' Cooper
Barbara Thorn
Mr Johnson
James Barron
Clive Kadans
George Camiller
Misha Zajas
Boris Boscovic
Mike Briggs
Christopher Ellison
Tony Cootes
Rory Kinnear
Gwyn Headley
Ian Gain
Sgt Bridges
Steven Elliot
Helen Marshall
Sarah Paul
Mike Peters
Martin Reeve
Angela Cootes
Lindsey Coulson
Glen Burroughs
Elliot Cowan
Craig Forsyth
Eamon Boland


Jonny Campbell
GF Newman
GF Newman