Judge John Deed

Series 2 - 1. Political Expediency

About this programme

1/4. The maverick judge finds his principles tested by the offer of a place on the Appellate Bench in return for hushing up a diplomatic incident. Convinced that an Arab sheikh's driver is covering for his boss over the murder of a prostitute, he is forced to decide whether to see justice done or yield to the temptation of the bribe and back off in the `national interest'. Drama, starring Martin Shaw.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Sir Michael Niven
TR Bowen
Charlie Deed
Louisa Clein
Georgina Channing QC
Caroline Langrishe
Neil Haughton
Nick Reding
Rita `Coop' Cooper
Barbara Thorn
Laurence James
Fraser James
Row Colemore
Christopher Cazenove
Gary Hewitt
Sean Harris
Brian Cantwell
John Sessions
Brian Harrison
Michael Eaves
Stephen Ashurst
Dave Norman
Supt Craddock
Roger Alborough
Ali Abdul Moncheri
Kayvan Novak
Michael Mason
Paul Lacoux
Maev Peters
Rosie Thomson
George Cooper
Karl Hansen
Inspector Martin
Kevin Wainwright
Addem Armitage
Robert Boulter
Peter Symmonds
Elliot Seller
Beswick Thorpe QC
Robert Swann
Marlene Defford
Hilary Tones
Kathleen McCracknel
Sheila Clancy
Glen Burroughs
Alex Lowe
Mr Stevenson
Roy North
Mark Mills
Nick Deigman
Dr Jannatie
Jilly Bond
Hussain Husaini
Tamer Hassan
Idries Shahatra
Kevork Malikyan
James Frey
Darren Saul
Henry Kuhle
Andrew Whipp
Mr Johnson
James Barron


Jonny Campbell
GF Newman
GF Newman