Judge John Deed

Series 1 - 2. Rough Justice

About this programme

2/5. The powers-that-be pile the pressure on Deed to acquit a violent MI5 informer who may be able to infiltrate the Real IRA, leading him to cross swords with the Lord Chancellor's department. To complicate matters, a furious Sir Ian Rochester suspects his wife may be having an affair with him and resolves to bring the maverick into line.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Georgina Channing QC
Caroline Langrishe
Sir Ian Rochester
Simon Chandler
Sir Michael Niven
TR Bowen
Francesca Rochester
Jemma Redgrave
Row Colemore
Christopher Cazenove
Inspector Troy Martin
Dave Fishley
Carol Gainer
Keeley Forsyth
David Brett-Smith
William Ilkley
Judge Robert Home
Sheridan Morley
Tim Collier
Tim Matthews
Peter Abbott
Darragh Kelly
Willy Radcliff
Colin Salmon
Ben Goldin
Andy Quine
Dr Sam Malcolm
Leonard Webster
Colin Gee
Navin Chowdhry
Paul Bailey
Ben Cartwright
Dr Maggie Oellink
Emma Buckley
Digby Westland
Michael Price
Natalie Abbott
Monica Dolan
Heathcote Machin
Alec Newman
Mutsumi Yesayahoo
Naoko Mori
Brian Maudling
David Begg


Mary Murray
GF Newman
GF Newman