Judge John Deed

Series 4 - 4. Defence of the Realm

Defence of the Realm

About this programme

4/6. The maverick judge is exiled to Warwick by his fellow judges, who feel he must be disciplined for his indiscretion with a claimant. Meanwhile, Jo hears the case of a PA accused of embezzling millions from his boss, the head of a high-ranking electronics corporation - and the trial grows heated when allegations are made about a government minister taking bribes. Martin Shaw, Donald Sinden and Jenny Seagrove star.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Sir Joseph Channing
Donald Sinden
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Georgina Channing QC
Caroline Langrishe
Rita `Coop' Cooper
Barbara Thorn
Sir Monty Everard
Simon Ward
Sir Ian Rochester
Simon Chandler
Rufus Barron
Ben Caplan
Sir Tim Listfield
Anthony Barclay
Neil Haughton
Aneirin Hughes
Brian Cantwell
John Sessions
Paul Sorrell
Luke Shaw
Brian Harrison
Michael Eaves
Sir Michael Niven
TR Bowen
Steve Gross
PH Moriarty
Judge Ben Wharton
George Harris
Clive Kadans
George Camiller
DS Halesworth
Sean Francis
Esther McEwan
Sandra James-Young
Marc Thompson
Adrian Lukis
Jonathan Powell
Stuart Organ
Maurice Henderson
Ewan Bailey
Tony Rains
Andrew Greenough
Peter Wilson
Tom Keller
Caroline Hughes
Mary Woodvine
Jill Miro
Fiona Carew
Judge Alan Hing
Peter Yapp
Paul Peacock
Alan McKenna
Pauline Peacock
Sara Stephens
Woman Witness
Norma Atallah
Herbie Clark
Security guard
Donovan F Blackwood


Steve Kelly
GF Newman
GF Newman