Judge John Deed

Series 4 - 3. In Defence of Others

In Defence of Others

About this programme

3/6. The judge presides over the case of a man who killed a paedophile, an act that Jo defends by arguing it protected further victims from abuse. Meanwhile, she meets the real father of the boy she is trying to adopt, and begins seeing him socially - sending Deed into a fit of jealous rage. Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove star.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Rita `Coop' Cooper
Barbara Thorn
Sir Ian Rochester
Simon Chandler
Sir Monty Everard
Simon Ward
Lady Everard
Joan Blackham
Georgina Channing QC
Caroline Langrishe
Laurence James
Fraser James
Michael Hulsey
Thomas Hall
Brian Harrison
Michael Eaves
Simon Norwalk
Daniel Hill
Margaret Tredaway
Jane Hazlegrove
Mr Johnson
James Barron
Rachel Crawcheck
Amita Dhiri
David Stafford Clark
Jonathan Coy
Clive Kadans
George Camiller
Peter Bushnell
David Griffith
Paul Sorrell
Luke Shaw
Marc Thompson
Adrian Lukis
Alan Ferns
Matt Bardock
Viv Hurst
Joanna Roth
Dr Margot Lupton
Sylvestra Le Touzel
Michelle Merton
Seeta Indrani
Dennis Sweeney
Mark Monero
Nellie Simpson
Tara Moran
Dan Jennings
Tony Timberlake
Dr Niamba
Damian Lynch
Frank Martin
Andrew Westfield
Paul Lawrence
Darren Dimenna
Tony Rains
Andrew Greenough
Jamie Beamish
Eugene Washington
Fiona Mason
Clerk Court No 3
Tony Arunah Abbey


Tristram Powell
GF Newman
GF Newman