Drop Dead Diva

Series 2 - 13. Freeze the Day

Freeze the Day

About this programme

13/13. Jane and Grayson take on a case involving a woman who wants to be cryonically frozen, which provokes memories of Deb's death and leads to a series of events that could change their lives for ever. Meanwhile, Claire Harrison continues to worm her way back into the firm and makes it clear she will stop at nothing to win a case. Guest starring Jaime Ray Newman and Natasha Henstridge.

Cast and crew


Jane Bingum
Brooke Elliott
Teri Lee
Margaret Cho
Ben Feldman
Grayson Kent
Jackson Hurst
Stacy Barrett
April Bowlby
Kim Kaswell
Kate Levering
J Parker
Josh Stamberg
Claire Harrison
Natasha Henstridge
Vanessa Hemmings
Jaime Ray Newman