A Touch of Frost

Series 2 - 2. Widows and Orphans

Widows and Orphans
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Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

The crime rate in Jack Frost’s Denton was so high that David Jason had to keep on playing the disorganised detective until the age of 70. That two-part finale, first broadcast in 2010, gets a repeat showing over Thursday and Friday, all part of a Frost Week on ITV3 that takes in a batch of memorable cases. So lots of opportunity to see Frost avoid the scorn of his boss, scoff bacon sandwiches and conduct interrogations that traditionally begin in measured tones but end with his shouting very, very loudly.

You can’t argue with his success rate, though – much to the exasperation of the permanently annoyed Det Supt Mullett (Bruce Alexander).

About this programme

2/4. Jack finds himself working alongside DS Lawson on a delicate case involving a spate of attacks on defenceless senior citizens in their homes. David Jason stars, with Bruce Alexander and Sally Dexter.

Cast and crew


DI Jack Frost
David Jason
DCI Jim Allen
Neil Phillips
Supt Mullett
Bruce Alexander
DS Lawson
Sally Dexter
Ronald Gould
Christopher Fulford
Mrs Archer
Margery Mason
Shirley Fisher
Lindy Whiteford
Dean Hoskins
Steven Mackintosh
Kathy Reynolds
Clara Salaman
Graham Turner
Bernard Elliott
Peter Benson
Mrs Barrett
Pamela Cundell
Mrs Haynes
Valerie Lush
Mr Procter
Richard Beale
Angela Newcombe
Isabelle Amyes
John Newcombe
Michael Hadley
Mrs Ryder
Rose Hill
Desmond Ryder
Max Mason


Roy Battersby
Executive Producer
David Reynolds
Executive Producer
Richard Bates
Executive Producer
Philip Burley
Don Leaver
Richard Harris