American Dad!

Series 6 - 12. May the Best Stan Win

May the Best Stan Win
Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Perry

These two episodes are both full of funnies. In May the Best Stan Win, a cyborg Stan arrives from the future to teach the big lunk how to treat Francine on Valentine’s Day. The script undercuts any sentimentality with absurdly silly dialogue, which had us chuckling out loud. America in the future has been conquered jointly by Canada and Mexico, so a lot of the laughs come from the strangulated accent acrobatics Seth MacFarlane performs to segue from one to the other.

In Return of the Bling, Stan and Steve discover that Roger was an Olympic hero, but his reputation soon sours and the episode becomes a brilliantly concise spoof of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King with Gollum Roger spitting over everything.

About this programme

12/18. Francine is swept off her feet by a romantic cyborg version of her husband who has come back from the future, and the encounter forces her to question her relationship with the real Stan. Meanwhile, Roger directs Steve and his friends in a remake of cult classic adventure movie The Goonies.

Cast and crew


Seth MacFarlane
Wendy Schaal
Scott Grimes
Rachel MacFarlane
Dee Bradley Baker


Seth MacFarlane