Kavanagh QC

Series 2 - 3. The Burning Deck

The Burning Deck

About this programme

3/6. The old poem about the boy standing on the burning deck takes on new meaning as Kavanagh defends two Navy officers accused of arson, and finds he cannot use his only defence. It is a tough case, and the last thing he needs is extra stress at home - but that does not stop the children planning an anniversary party without telling him. With Andy Serkis, Ray Winstone and Geraldine James.

Cast and crew


James Kavanagh QC
John Thaw
Lizzie Kavanagh
Lisa Harrow
Julia Piper
Anna Chancellor
Alex Wilson
Jenny Jules
Matt Kavanagh
Tom Brodie
Jeremy Aldermarten
Nicholas Jones
Peter Foxcott QC
Oliver Ford Davies
Kate Kavanagh
Daisy Bates
Tom Buckley
Cliff Parisi
Andrew Cadogan
Rupert Penry-Jones
CPO Evans
Ray Winstone
MEM O'Brien
Andy Serkis
Eleanor Harker QC
Geraldine James


Charles Beeson
Russell Lewis