Kavanagh QC

Series 4 - 2. Care in the Community

About this programme

2/6. James returns to his home town of Bolton to defend a couple living in a run-down flat who have been accused of murdering their baby daughter. However, conflicting testimony soon brings him up against his learned friend, Head of Chambers Peter Foxcott. Starring John Thaw, Oliver Ford Davies and Haydn Gwynne.

Cast and crew


James Kavanagh QC
John Thaw
Dr Derek Buxton
Sam Cox
Peter Foxcott QC
Oliver Ford Davies
Nick Patrick
Jeremy Aldermarten
Nicholas Jones
Susan Hutton
Carol Harrison
Tom Buckley
Cliff Parisi
Lizzie Kavanagh
Lisa Harrow
Julia Piper
Anna Chancellor
Alex Wilson
Jenny Jules
Matt Kavanagh
Tom Brodie
Kate Kavanagh
Daisy Bates
Mark Holmes
Sean Harris
Dr Joseph Jardine
Simon Harrison
Mary Armstrong
Haydn Gwynne
Hal Cruttenden
Debbie Sattethwaite
Cathy Sara
Senior steward
Jeremy Stockwell
Mrs Price
Auriol Smith
Emma Taylor
Valerie Edmond
Mr Justice Benson
Robert Lang
PC Cooper
Conor Ryan
Henry Voce
Steven O'Neill
Alfred Kavanagh
William Moore
Mrs Bott
Arbel Jones
Mrs Bell
Anna Jaskolka
Paul Buckley
Richard Janes
Dick Ellis
Alan Hulse


Jack Gold
Rob Heyland