Kavanagh QC

Series 2 - 5. A Stranger in the Family

A Stranger in the Family

About this programme

5/6. Julia is assigned a compensation case brought by a man who has sustained spinal and brain damage in an accident at work, and tries to persuade Kavanagh to lead her. Unfortunately, he already has his hands full with a tricky compensation case and son Matt's attempts to get the better of him. John Thaw stars, with Ned Sherrin, Frances Tomelty and TP McKenna.

Cast and crew


James Kavanagh QC
John Thaw
Lizzie Kavanagh
Lisa Harrow
Peter Foxcott QC
Oliver Ford Davies
Julia Piper
Anna Chancellor
Jeremy Aldermarten
Nicholas Jones
Matt Kavanagh
Tom Brodie
Tom Buckley
Cliff Parisi
Kate Kavanagh
Daisy Bates
Alex Wilson
Jenny Jules


Andrew Grieve
Paul Hines