The Bill

Series 23 - Episode 6

About this programme

6/93. There's no turning back for Zain as he agrees to feed false information back to Sun Hill about the Colombian drug operation. Still wild about Kristen after their holiday together, he becomes indiscreet about his double life and rubs gangster Paul Haskew up the wrong way. Rob and Neil investigate a well-heeled man who appears to have assaulted his mother and Honey persuades Will to go away with her.

Cast and crew


DI Neil Manson
Andrew Lancel
DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
DC Zain Nadir
TJ Ramini
Rob Landis
Pete Ashmore
DS Stuart Turner
Doug Rao
DS Phil Hunter
Scott Maslen
Marcus Swift
Silas Carson
DCI Jack Meadows
Simon Rouse
Supt John Heaton
Daniel Flynn
PC Honey Harman
Kim Tiddy
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
Kristen Shaw
Christine Stephen-Daly
Paul Haskew
Gary Webster
Gary Caldwell
Martin Hancock
Chez Williams
Justin Pickett
PC Emma Hinckley
Melanie Gutteridge
Eva Garcia
Beatriz Romilly
Annie Harvey
PC Tony Stamp
Graham Cole


Reza Moradi
Sylvie Boden
Chris Murray