The Bill

Series 23 - Episode 5

About this programme

5/93. Heaton puts his team in the picture about the possible closure of Sun Hill when rumours reach the local Press. Mickey and Jo investigate the death of a young mother with a history of drug use and discover she has been clean for some time but has fallen prey to a ruthless loan shark. Roger and Dan talk to a pub landlord who has been attacked at a fancy dress stag night.

Cast and crew


PC Honey Harman
Kim Tiddy
DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
PC Dan Casper
Chris Jarvis
PC Roger Valentine
John Bowler
DC Jo Masters
Sally Rogers
Jake Bennett
Brett Fancy
PC Diane Noble
Kaye Wragg
Supt John Heaton
Daniel Flynn
Insp Gina Gold
Roberta Taylor
Gary Bryce
Steve Weston
Vince Morgan
Robert Horwell
Maggie Ball
Rae Hendrie
Sgt Nikki Wright
Gillian Taylforth
Colin Spence
Martin Maynard
Sgt Dale Smith
Alex Walkinshaw
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
Sheila Morgan
Rebecca Lacey
DAC Georgia Hobbs
Kazia Pelka
Spike Randall
Jack Pierce
Mia Perry
Jo-Anne Knowles


Richard Signy
Andrea Sapsford
Richard Ommanney